25th March 2019
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Amadi State governor summons parliamentarians

Author : Paul Night | Published: 3 years ago

The Governor of Amadi State has ordered members of his state parliament who were in the former Western Equatoria State assembly to immediately report to Mundri town.

Joseph Ngere says the 12 MPs make a quorum for the first sitting of the assembly to elect a new speaker and oversee government functions.

He told Eye Radio that he expects the MPs to be in Mundri within the next one week.

“The 12 has reached the quorum for sitting, the quorum is 10 plus 1 so since they are there, I ordered them to come to the site of the assembly which is mundri, to come so that they have their first session; they elect their speaker, the deputy speaker,” said Ngere.

Mr Ngere said he would appoint his state cabinet, after the first sitting of the state assembly.