15th May 2021
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Angelina snubs parliamentary summon

Author: Koang Pal | Published: Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Angelina Teny, minister of defense speaks to Eye Radio: File| Eye Radio.

The Minister of Defense and Veterans’ Affairs, Angelina Teny, has declined to appear before the parliamentary committee on coronavirus, saying the current parliament has no mandate.

In a letter dated 16 April 2020, the 1st Deputy Speaker for Parliamentary Affairs, Timothy Tot, indicated to the Minister of defense that the parliamentary committee on coronavirus had decided to summons her to appear before the committee on 20 April 2020, at 11: 00 AM in the Premises of Transitional National Assembly.

“The Transitional National Legislature Task Force in its meeting 1/2020, dated 7 April 2020 discussed impact and challenges in implementing the preventive measures to combat the spread of COVID-19 in the country,” said Timothy in a letter.

“Among these challenges, one is identified and falls under your jurisdiction, and that is a huge number of people are still crossing into South Sudan causing high risk to the lives of people.”

However, in a letter seen by Eye Radio, Angelina declined to appear before the committee because, she argues, that the current parliament has no mandate to extend its life.

She said, according to the agreement, the current parliament is supposed to be replaced by the reconstituted TNLA by the end of the pre-transitional period.

“I cannot appear before the IG- Transitional National Legislative Assembly until a reconstituted Transitional National Legislative Assembly is formed. However, I recognize your concern regarding the impact of COVID-19 pandemic,” Angelina told the parliament administration in the letter.

The minister said that the agreement is supreme to the constitution and any other legislation that is not in compliance with it.

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