26th September 2020
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Ban Ki-moon says a global united front needed to safe South Sudan

Author : Emmanuel Akile | Published: Monday, December 19, 2016

The UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon says a lack of global solidarity has led to continued violence in South Sudan.

Mr Ban said there is a tendency that once violence and conflict happens, members of the international community do not know how to end it.  He said the world owes the people of South Sudan a unified stand on those responsible for despicable crimes to face justice—from the highest levels to the foot soldiers following orders.

He said South Sudanese have suffered far too much, for far too long, and that time is running out as the warring parties ready themselves for another vicious cycle of violence after the end of the rainy season.

Last month, the US pushed for an arms embargo on South Sudan, saying it would help end violence.

However, Russia opposed the move, saying this would be the height of irresponsibility because it does not support peace efforts.

In a press briefing towards the weekend in New York, Mr Ban said the Security Council should take more action, including punitive measures.

He called for global solidarity and compassionate leadership among members of the international community.

Mr Ban also wrote on opinion – https://www.un.org/sg/en/content/sg/articles/2016-12-16/ban-ki-moon-world-has-betrayed-south-sudan -on South Sudan where he expressed his frustration on South Sudanese leaders lack seriousness in embracing peace, and the lack of international support to resolving the conflict in South Sudan.

“Their [South Sudanese] leaders bear the primary responsibility of betraying the people’s trust and bringing the country to ruins and more misery. Yet while the people of South Sudan suffer, the Security Council and the region stand divided,” Ban stated.

He further opined that for there to be stability; “there must be a cessation of hostilities, followed by a genuinely inclusive political process.”

Ban Ki-moon who served as the UN Secretary General for the last ten years, will leave office by the end of this month, to his successor, Antonio Guteres of Portugal, who will assume office on January 1st 2017.

Mr Ban said he felt sorry that he has to leave so many unfulfilled issues to his successor.

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