25th March 2019
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Calm in Pibor after tension over ‘disarmament’ and governor

Author : Achiek Jok | Published: 3 years ago

Residents in Boma State say it is now calm in Pibor town after days of tensions over the appointment of the new governor.

Last month, President Salva Kiir appointed Baba Medan as the governor of the area.

He was among the 28 governors appointed after the creation of the new states.

Baba Medan replaced General David Yau Yau, who was the head the former Greater Pibor Administrative Area, which is currently Boma State.

The Paramount Chief of Pibor, Abraham Mimayo says tensions rose after the army disarmed civilians.

“The army deployed, stopped the vehicles and took the arms and ammunition and that is the problem,” Mimayo told Eye Radio.

“People wanted to fight from here after their group heard that their arms and ammunitions were taken … after the civilians see the armed soldiers, they started running.”

The Former Minister of Information in the Greater Pibor Administrative Area, Sam David, has confirmed that there has been tension in Pibor.

He told Eye Radio that it has been tense since David Yau Yau lost his position more than a month ago.

“There is tension always not today alone, always there is tension between people themselves. The people said our president [should] brings (give) for us another governor apart from Baba Medan, this is a thing which is going right now and we are trying to stop it.”

Last month, Mr Yau Yau dissolved his Cobra Faction and announced he had joined the SPLM.

He also said he accepted the changes President Salva Kiir made after creating more states.