23rd February 2019
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South Sudan’s ‘finest’ Princess of Hip Hop

Author: Daniel Danis | Published: 4 months ago

Did you think Hip Hop and Rap game in South Sudan was for L.U.A.L, 6Foot and Asif only? (more…)

Author: Daniel Danis | Published: 4 months ago

Kenyan ‘toddlers’ taking the music industry by storm

Author: Daniel Danis | Published: 11 months ago

South Sudanese musicians and their love for ‘Patwa’

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WJ De King named Save the Children Goodwill Ambassador

Christmas has come early this month for the King of Lokwilili, WJ. (more…)

Kenyan sensation Wyre to miss Silver X concert in Juba

Kenya’s renowned dancehall artist Kevin Wyre, also known as Wyre –The Love Child -won’t be attending the official launch of Silver...

A chat with ‘peace musician’

A South Sudanese singer says he has composed more than eight songs that preach peace among citizens. (more…)

Silver X recognized by US Foreign Policy Magazine

South Sudanese Dancehall artist and singer, Silver X has been recognized by the U.S- based Foreign Policy Magazine as a global thinker of...

Australia: Musicians form association

South Sudanese musicians in Australia have initiated a process of establishing the first independent association in Australia....

Entertainment: Mr Lengs awarded Overall Artiste of the Year

In the Eye Radio Music Awards, Mister Lengs has been awarded the Overall Artiste of the year for his four hit songs in 2014. (more…)

IDP-musicians call for peace and unity among citizens

Musicians living at a UNMISS protection site in Juba have called for peace and unity among the people of South Sudan. (more…)