22nd August 2019
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Celebrations for SPLA Day scheduled for tomorrow at Bilpham

Author: Obaj Okuj | Published: 3 months ago

SPLA soldiers display weapons during the 2nd Independence Day Anniversary in Juba - July 9, 2013

The army general headquarters has announced that the SPLA day celebration which was adjourned last week will be celebrated tomorrow.

on May 16,1983, a group of mutineers from Malual Chaat army garrison in Bor opened fire on their Sudanese counterparts, sparking the outbreak of conflict in Ayod, Pibor and other parts of the then Southern Sudan.

Later on, these mutineers would form the core of SPLA, and they are honored on May 16 every year.

However, the celebration was adjourned to tomorrow because the government was not prepared enough.

Major General, Lul Ruai Koang told Eye Radio this morning, that all the preparations to mark the 36th anniversary are place.

“We will celebrate the day which is the SPLA day meant to be on 16th May together with the inauguration of the new ministry of defense building in Bilpham tomorrow. It is going to be graced by the commander in chief with other senior political leaders .”

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