17th February 2019
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Cholera situation in N & S Liech states

Author : Junior Ali | Published: 2 years ago

Cholera has continued to spread to some ten counties in Northern and Southern Liech states, since the beginning of this year, according to the UN.

They include Panyijiar, Mayendit, Koch and Bentiu town.

A report by UN Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, OCHA, shows that there have also been some recorded cases in the UN camp for displaced people in Juba;

In all cases, women and children are the most affected.

In the report, UNOCHA says most of the cases of active transmission of the cholera epidemic are being recorded in Bentiu town, the Bentiu POC site and Leer County.

More than 800 infections and nine deaths were recorded in Bentiu alone, between September 2016 and January 2017.

The agency says the spread of the disease in Bentiu is partly a result of the sharp increase in the number of internally displaced persons at the UN camps.

It also says the transmission at the UN camps is suspected to be connected to the use of water from an unsecured water reservoir for washing, bathing, and swimming and sometimes for domestic use.

There are also concerns of low latrine coverage due to the sharp increase of people in the UN protection sites.

The report also indicates that suspected cases have been recorded in Koch and Mayendit counties.

However, OCHA says it is also difficult to confirm cases because samples could not be acquired for testing due to insecurity.

In Juba, OCHA says there has been a re-emergence of active transmission within the UN camp in Jebel in the first week of 2017.

Up to this month,  according to the agency, almost 4,000 cholera cases including, 75 deaths had been reported in 10 counties in South Sudan since the first case was reported in June last year in Juba.

It says humanitarian partners are planning another round of cholera vaccination in the Bentiu Protection of Civilian’s Site.