16th February 2019
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Council of States vets creation of more counties in Tonj, Gogrial

Author : Hellen Achayo | Published: 2 years ago

The Chief Whip at the Council of States says communities in about five counties in Tonj and Gogrial have called for separation of the administrative areas.

Faustino Atem says this came after a team from the lower of parliament conducted a two week assessment in the area.

He says some of the community members were not agreeing on the names of their counties while others have been engaging in communal conflicts.

Mr. Atem, who is also the head of the delegation that went to the two states, says the finding of the team will be presented to the speaker of the council and later to the plenary to come up with resolutions.

The team visited “certain areas which had wanted to be separated because there were problems.”

“There were rivalries over there because of either the name that combines them, they did not agree with, or sometimes the people were lumped up together in one county,” he said.

“So we went to see which these counties … we are coming back now after having seen all those areas, we are reporting them back to the council of states. We were sent by the speaker of the council of states and therefore we are going to brief the speaker and then the plenary.”

Honorable Fasutino said the president will make the final approval on whether new counties will be created.