26th October 2020
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Enforce laws regulating resources, gov’t urged

Author: Charles Wote | Published: Monday, February 3, 2020

File: US Ambassador Thomas Hushek addresses the press at the American Embassy in Juba on Dec 18, 2019 | Credit | Jale Richard/Eye Radio

The US Ambassador in Juba has encouraged South Sudan’s leaders to enforce laws that manage the country resources so that it can benefit the citizens.

South Sudan is one of the most oil-dependent countries in the world, with oil accounting for almost the total exports and more than 40% of its gross domestic product.

The country’s gross domestic product per capita in 2014 was at $1,111 dropping to less than $200 in 2017.

Outside the oil sector, livelihoods are concentrated in low productive, unpaid agriculture and pastoralists work.

In addition to petroleum, the country is believed to have significant mineral resources such as gold, copper, diamond, limestone, Nile River, forests, wildlife among others.

In his remarks, the US Ambassador shared with South Sudan’s stakeholders how the United States federal republic is using its taxes for the benefit of its citizens.

Amb. Thomas Hushek believed that it is the responsibilities of the country’s leaders to ensure some of these legislations are enforced.

“Here in South Sudan, oil is yours; those resources belong to you. You should have to ask for the resources to be distributed; you should be demanding that,” the diplomat said during the opening of a three-day workshop on Presidential and Federal system of governance in Juba on Monday.

“Now, how do you do it in a practical way? I have no doubt that South Sudanese will get the correct answer.

“Some of the legislations that you have in place are good. It’s a matter of enforcing them; and as citizens, expect your government to enforce it.”

Some of the acts that the government has enacted include the petroleum Act 2012 and the Mining Act 2012.

However, it appears that the Acts are not being enforced, given the complainants from residents of oil-producing states who say that they have not been benefitting from oil production.

The three days’ workshop is organized by South Sudan national dialogue steering committee under the theme “implement people’s demand.”

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