24th March 2019
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Thousands of guns collected from civilians in Gogrial

Author : @er | Published: 10 months ago

More than five thousand guns have so far been collected from civilians in Gogrial state, according the acting Governor.

Last year, a peace conference held in Yei town aimed at resolving inter-clan conflicts in Gogrial recommended forceful disarmament of youth in the area.

“The only ones still carrying arms are criminals who have refused to surrender their guns to disarmament forces,” said Mayar Deng Mayar.

In June, President Salva Kiir directed security organs to conduct a disarmament campaign across the state to quell communal violence.

The communities in the area – Apuk, Kuac, and Aguok – have been fighting among themselves.

Last month, the organized forces said they killed three suspected gang members during an encounter with the police as they reportedly resisted being disarmed.

They were said to be among a group of seven young men accused of terrorizing civilians and looting their properties in Gogrial.

According to Mr Deng, the disarmament exercise is proceeding well.

He told Eye Radio that despite the presence of arms in the hands of a few individuals, the state is experiencing security stability.

“Up to now the disarmament forces are still in Gogrial pursuing the ones who have not surrendered their firearms.”

Mr. Mayar urged the citizens of Gogrial to peacefully surrender their guns to the authorities before the time for voluntary disarmament elapses.