20th September 2021
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Insight Security firm bosses briefly detained in Juba

Author: Garang Abraham | Published: Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Insight security guards during a training session. PHOTO: WS Insight/facebook.com/InsightSecureEA/

Police have released two senior administrators of the Insight Security firm after they were briefly detained in Juba on Wednesday morning.

The Juba City Council initiated the arrest of the former Warrior security bosses after it accused the company of mistreating its workers.

In June this year, guards working for Insight laid down their tools over what they said was the company’s failure to pay them in US dollars.

They base their argument on the contract which states that they shall be paid in US dollars.

However, a contract of employment of the insight security firm, seen by Eye Radio, indicates that the least paid guard receives a monthly salary in pounds, an equivalent of 179 US dollars.

The contract also states that the amount will be paid using the official rate of the Bank of South Sudan. This means the guards are paid in SSP.

Insight management said it was just abiding by the laws of the land.

However, the Deputy Mayor of the City Council, who has lately been championing the demands of the workers issued Insight with a 7 days ultimatum to pay the workers or shut down.

Thiik Thiik Mayardit on Tuesday led the police to close down the headquarters of the company in Juba.

This morning, the City Council again used the police to arrest the top management of the firm after learning that the offices were still open.

“I arrested Paul Glynn who is the Country Manager and there is one Michael,” Thiik told Eye Radio.

He added that a formal complaint has been lodged against Insight Security firm and that the managers have been released.

“The judge released them and also gave them a warning that they should go and close the office because they also accused our people that there were 70 South Sudanese who refused to closed the company,” Thiik said.

Efforts to reach Insight management for comment were not successful.

Earlier, employees said that the company’s officials seem to be reluctant in addressing the issue when presented to them.

But Tony Sugden, chairman of Insight Security firm denied paying a “deaf hear” to the needs of the workers.

“We have never been in a position where we have not heard them, we do hear them and we want to be able to hear them always. We assure the workers that it is part of our normal life to ensure that they are fairly remunerated,” he said.

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