21st April 2021
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Kiir vows not to intervene in another Jonglei ethnic violence

Author: Alhadi Hawari | Published: Thursday, January 28, 2021

President Salva Kiir speaks at a past function | Credit | Eye Radio

President Salva Kiir has told the communities in greater Jonglei that he will not intervene again if they engage in ethnic conflict.

Kiir made the remarks during the closing of the Jonglei-Pibor Administrative Area peace conference earlier on Wednesday.

“Next time you go for fighting, I will not come to help you again, and even, I will not appoint any committee to go and investigate the fighting in that area,” Kiir told the participants.

After a series of violent clashes in recent years, Kiir last year tasked vice president James Wani Igga with identifying the root causes of the intercommunal conflicts there – which observers attributed to cattle raid, graze lands, child abduction and revenge killings.

After Igga presented his investigation committees findings, the presidency organized the peace and reconciliation conference in Juba.

Representatives from the Anyuak, Dinka, Jie, Kachipo, Murle, and Nuer participated in the conference at Freedom Hall in Juba.

The president warned against another ethnic clashes in the region, saying he wouldn’t send security to calm the situation.

“I will maintain the small army and police around me. I have decided that if any fighting [erupts] again, I will not send any soldier or police. I will allow you to fight till the end,” he continued.

“But I will help you and defend you [when you run to me]; after that, do not talk like a man.”

However, several officials including the incumbent governor of Jonglei State believe that the conflicts in greater Jonglei are fueled by politicians in Juba, the seat of the Kiir administration.

Just as the peace conference commenced in Juba on Monday, two people were reportedly killed in a cattle raiding incident in Bor County.

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