23rd February 2019
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Koma Community torn between two states of Maiwut & N. Upper Nile

Author : Koang Pal | Published: 2 years ago

Map of South Sudan

A member of Koma from Maiwut state says the community is divided on whether to belong to the state or be merged with Northern Upper Nile.

The Koma belonged to the Upper Nile State before the creation of more states in 2015 and became part of Eastern Upper Nile after the creation.

Baruach Uluch, who was former Minister of Physical Infrastructure & Rural Development in former Eastern Upper Nile state, told Eye Radio that majority of the people want to be part of Maiwut state.

“We have met, on the 15 June 2017 to explain the benefits to our people why we have to be part of Maiwut, the majority of them said we have to remain in Maiwut because it’s our land. You know, we are from the former Nasir District of old Sudan. But other members, the minority are saying we have to go back to Northern Upper Nile state which is Renk, where we never been before. We have been in Maiwut for centuries with Gajaak Community,” Uluch said.

Mr. Uluch said the differences have delayed the formation of the government in the state.

For his part, the commissioner of Koma County, Hassan Abali said the community is not divided.

He said all are for the Northern Upper Nile state.

“Koma community is not divided, they are united. But this group is not focused because they are affected by the structure of the government, so this effect has forced us as the Koma County to decide to join Eastern Nile State. Now there is no any group against our decision only [Baruach] alone with five people and some students and his office manager,” Abali said.

Abali said the community has written to the presidency six months ago that they want to be part of Northern Upper Nile state not with Maiwut.

He said they will accept any verdict from the presidency.