21st April 2021
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Lakes State revitalized gov’t formed

Author: Jale Richard | Published: Monday, March 1, 2021

President Salva Kiir in his office. PHOTO: South Sudan Presidential Press Unit

President Salva Kiir has reconstituted the Lakes state government by appointing representatives of the various party to the revitalized peace agreement.

Among the appointees are five advisors to the governor, Makur Kulang.

He also appointed 17 ministers and 7 county commissioners.

In the decree read on the state SSBC TV last evening, President Kiir further appointed 30 officials to the state Independent Commissions.

The appointees are representatives of the main SPLM party of the former Interim Transitional Government of National Unity, South Sudan Opposition Alliance, SPLM-IO, Other Political Parties, and the National Agenda, a partner to the former Interim Transitional Government of National Unity.

Upper Nile and Eastern Equatoria are the remaining states to have a reconstituted government.

Local governments in the administrative areas of Ruweng, Pibor and Abyei are also yet to be reconstituted.

State Advisors

Peter Agar Akucbai Kuc-Peace and Security Advisor-National Agenda ITGONU

Aruai Osman Bol-Economic affairs advisor-SSOA

John Sebit Magok-Legal affairs advisor- SPLMITGONU

Suat Gabriel Abdallah-Human rights advisor-SPLMITGONU

Alek Malaak Atem-Gender and social welfare advisor-SPLMIO


Stephen Mathiang Deng-minister of cabinet affairs-SPLMITGNOU

Benjamin Makuer Mabor-Local government and law enforcement-SPLMITGONU

Beny Matur Mathiang-Peacebuilding-SPLM-IO

John Mayen chol Maker- Parliamentary and legal affairs- National agenda-ITGNOU

Samuel Maker Mading- information and communication-FDS

William Koji Kirjok- culture youth and sport- SPLMITGNOU

Majok Dhal Anhiem Dhal- Finance planning and investment-SPLMITGONU

Rebecca Enoch Machuoch- Trade and industry-SSOA

Pok Majak Daljang- Agriculture, environment and forestry-OPP

Timbar Kuol Maduor- Animal resources, fisheries and tourism -SPLM-IO

Philip Taban Chiir- Cooperative and rural development-SPLM-IO

Majur Mayom Awan-Housing and land public utilities-SPLMITGONU

Benjamin Awol Malual- Roads and bridges-SPLM-IO

Deborah Akech Kuchniin-labour and human resource development-SPLMITGONU

Dr. Jacob Akuocpiir Acuoth Kok- health-SPLM-IO

Kongor Deng Kongor- General Education and instructions-SPLMITGONU

Angelina Diing Mario-Gender children and social welfare-SPLMITGONU


Yar Marial Dongrin-chairperson anticorruption commission-SPLMITGONU

Laat Mathinag Bol-Deputy chairperson-anti corruption commission-SPLM-IO

Saat Suliaman Chol Thok-Member- anti-corruption commission-SSOA

John Anei Ader- Member- anti-corruption commission-SPLMITGONU

Moses Guony Bol- anti-corruption commission-National agenda-ITGONU

Magur John Deng- chairperson, employees’ justice chamber-SPLMIO

Marko Tong Aliet- Deputy chairperson, employees’ justice chamber-SPLMITGONU

Aluak Muorwel Nyoot- member, employees’ justice chamber-SSOA

Andrew Ayuei Koro- member, employees’ justice chamber-SPLMITGOU

Akech Marial Dhieu-member, employees’ justice chamber-SPLMITGOU

Dr. Priscillah Arop Maliny-chairperson- HIV and aids commission- SSOA

James Malual Lual-deputy-chairperson-HIV and aids commission-National agenda-ITGONU

John Ariamic Manga- member-HIV and aids commission-SPLMITGONU

Nyanbuot Mahammad- member-HIV and aids commission-SPLMITGONU

Ajak Achardit Agok- member HIV and aids commission-SPLM-IO

Dut Malual Chahoc- chairperson, relief and rehabilitation commission-SPLMITGONU

Adhom Majok Diim-deputy relief and rehabilitation commission-SPLM-IO

Joseph Maker Amum- member-relief and rehabilitation commission-SSOA

John Tuur Saut-member relief and rehabilitation commission-DC ITGONU

Anyor Alit Madhol-member relief and rehabilitation commission-SPLMITGONU

Malok Makol Bol-chairperson, human rights commission-SPLM-IO

Mabor Majok Pec–Deputy chairperson- human rights commission-SPLMITGONU

Nancy Abeny Majur – human rights commission-SSOA

Barnaba Magok Mabor – human rights commission-SPLMITGONU

Enoch Makuoch Mayek- human rights commission-SPLMITGONU

Bullen Bol Aciinbai- chairperson-conflict resolution and reconciliation commission-SPLMITGONU

Hassan Abdulrahman Bar- deputy chairperson-conflict resolution and reconciliation commission-SSOA

Malual Macut Kot- member-conflict resolution and reconciliation commission-national agenda-ITGONU

Samuel Majak Adomic-member-conflict resolution and reconciliation commission-SPLM-IO

Agum Joseph Kuc- member-conflict resolution and reconciliation commission-SPLMITGOU


Dr. Isaih Akol Mathaing- Cuibet County- SPLM-IO

Kaman Matur Ajaac- Rumbek Center-SSOA

Mapuor Malek Arop-Rumbek East County-SPLMITGONU

Arop Kumbai Dhalbeny-Rumbek North County – SPLMITGONU

Juma Dafala Rajab-Wulu County-OPP

Andrew Aceng Anhiem-Yirol West County-SPLM-IO

Johnson Malual Achiek-Yirol East County-SPLMITGONU

Simon Jok Geng-Awecrial County-SPLMITGONU

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