23rd February 2019
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Nilpet ask NGOs to import their own fuel

Author : Obaj Shago | Published: 2 years ago

The state oil firm Nilpet, says non-governmental organizations should be importing their own fuel, or buy it from private companies that have the import documents.

In a public notice published in the newspapers, Nilepet says the fuel it sells is heavily subsidized by the government and is meant for public consumption only.

Nilepet has encouraged non-governmental organizations to import their own diesel or petrol.

If they want to buy from private companies, they should request for import document from the seller.

Nilepet warns that any fuel purchased by NGOs from a private company that has no import documents shall be confiscated by law-enforcement agencies.

In the same public notice, Nilepet has directed all government institutions to refill their vehicles at designated stations.

Vehicles from the presidency, ministries, and commissions will be served at Trust Petrol Station in Mauna, located west of the National Legislative Assembly.

Nilepet is also encouraging those institutions to submit the lists of their vehicles.

The notice comes amid intermittent fuel shortage at the pumps. However, it does not mention the sale of fuel in the black market, where it is very expensive compared to the pump.

A previous notice from the company requires public vehicles to buy coupons at 1,000 pounds and use them to refill at designated stations.