21st January 2022
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President Kiir Institutes National Dialogue Committee: FULL TEXT

Author : Daniel Danis | Published: Tuesday, December 20, 2016

President Salva Kiir has issued a decree to begin the process of the National Dialogue which he announced last week at the Transitional National Legislative Assembly.

The Republican decree issued on December, 19th for the Formation of the National Dialogue Steering Committee has incorporated the participation of various South Sudanese such as retired politicians, religious leaders, technocrats and those still active in politics.

Renowned veteran South Sudanese leaders such as Abel Alier and Joseph Lagu have been given the advisory role to the President. Retired Bishop Paride Taban will act as the co-chair of the initiative.

In the decree, President Salva Kiir will perform the duties of the Patron of the National Dialogue; a responsibility some members of the Former Detainees have disagreed with, saying President Kiir should only participate as a stakeholder to the initiative.

The decree appointed 42 South Sudanese expertise, with no representation from the region. The appointments are exclusive to South Sudanese stakeholders.

President Kiir also outlined 4 main duties that the steering committee will perform.

The terms of Reference for the National Dialogue Steering Committee will include;

  • To develop the agenda of the National Dialogue that is provided for within the framework of the Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan [ARCISS], and not contravening the terms of the agreement
  • To steer up the process of National Dialogue
  • To work closely with experts and resource persons to help in the facilitation of the process
  • To issue out schedule/timetable for the National Dialogu

“The Steering Committee may co-opt any member(s) where it deems necessary,” reads part of the decree.

Here is the full list:

Advisors to the Patron

  1. H.E Abel Alier-wal Kwai
  2. H.E Joseph Lagu
  3. Hon. Bona Malual Madut
  4. Dr. Francis Mading Deng

Members of the National Dialogue Steering Committee

  1. Emeritus Bishop Paride Taban – Co-chairperson
  2. Professor Moses Machar Kachuol – Co-chairperson
  3. Simon Kun Puoch – Secretary
  4. Angelo Beda – Member
  5. Gen. George Kongor Arop
  6. Maj. Gen. Peter Cirillo Swaka
  7. Sultan Ismail Konyi
  8. Manasseh Magok Rundial
  9. Maj. Gen. (PSC) Andrew Makur Thou
  10. James Loro Sirisio
  11. Maj. Gen. (PSC) Albino Akol Akol
  12. Lubari Ramba Lokola
  13. Martha Moi
  14. Gabriel Yoal Dak
  15. Mathew Mathiang Deng
  16. Rachael Nyadak Paul
  17. Monica Ayen Maguat
  18. Emeritus Bishop Nathaniel Garang Anyieth
  19. Sheikh Juma Mussa
  20. Dr. Harun Ruun Lual
  21. Mary Furu
  22. Joseph Oryem Ismael
  23. Lucia Atilio
  24. Joseph Ukel Abango
  25. Mathew Pagan
  26. Luciano Thomas

President Salva Kiir also appointed a Secretariat of the National Steering Committee, with Sudd Institute acting as the focal point for the technical body. The institute will be represented by 3 members.

Others members of the secretariat are as follows:

  1. Center for Peace and Development Studies at the University of Juba – 2 members representation
  2. The Ebony Center – 2 members representation
  3. South Sudan Council of Churches – One representative
  4. South Sudan Islamic Council – One representative
  5. South Sudan National Youth Union – 4 representatives
  6. Office of the President will be represented by 2 officials.

President Kiir also appointed 5 experts who will advise the National Dialogue Steering Committee

  1. A legal Expert, Prof. Dr. Bol Chol
  2. A Historian, Dr. Riak Gok Majok
  3. A Conflict Negotiation and Dialogue Expert, Dr. Samson Wassara, and
  4. Economists, Dr. Kuot Mawien Kuot and Dr. Adil Athnaziou Surur

The Republican decree says the order shall come into force on the date of its signature by the President, which is December, 19th.

With Christmas approaching, it is not clear when exactly the steering committee will commence its work.

Several institutions and countries have welcomed President Salva Kiir’s call for a National Dialogue to as a measure to consolidate peace in the country and to bring South Sudanese together.

In his address to the nation last week, President Kiir said his government will guarantee safety and freedom of all the actors who are going to participate in the National Dialogue, including those who are currently out of the country, some of whom are opposed to his government.

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