23rd February 2019
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Sister Veronica Rackova to be buried in Yei

Author : Emmanuel Akile | Published: 3 years ago

The body of the late Slovakian missionary sister Veronica Rackova has arrived in Juba from Nairobi, Kenya.

It is on transit to Yei River State for burial.

South Sudanese religious leaders requested Sister Veronica’s church to have her laid to rest in Yei as a sign of honoring her for her good deeds.

“The remains of late sister Veronica Racovack has just been flown from Nairobi and
As I speak to you now the body has been flown to Yei in company of the governor of the state David Lokonga Moses and number of priests and sisters from the same congregation” said Paul Yohane, an MP in the national parliament representing Yei River.

Veronica Rackova was shot in the stomach by SPLA soldiers while on an emergency referral mission in Yei town.

She was then airlifted to Nairobi, Kenya, where she succumbed to the gunshot wounds.