23rd February 2019
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Soldier kills lover in Rumbek

Author : @er | Published: 8 months ago

Authorities in Western Lakes say an SPLA soldier killed two civilians and injured four others on Tuesday in Rumbek after a quarrel with his lover.

It is not clear what triggered the disagreement at the lady’s workplace at Rumbek market.

However in the heat of the moment, Information Minister Bol Machok says the 25-year-old soldier only identified as Mabor stepped outside and shot dead a man who was resting in the verandah.

Afterwards, the sergeant from Infantry Division 6 sprayed the shop with bullets, killing his unnamed lover.

“He got the lady standing in front of the money transfer shop and he ordered her to enter the shop… So the lady couldn’t hesitate,” said Mr Machok.

Mabor also reportedly randomly opened fire on those who were seated at the nearby shops, wounding four.

“He returned back again and he loaded his gun and started shooting some gentlemen who were seated also in front of the verandah of the shop,” added Mr Machok.

“He shot him dead and entered inside the shop and sprayed bullets on the young lady and killed her.”

The minister said Mabor later died from a gunshot wound which he sustained in a shootout with the state police.