24th March 2019
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Sudan threatens to punish S. Sudan ceasefire violators

Author : @er | Published: 9 months ago

Sudan's Minister of Foreign Affairs Adirdiri Mohamed

The Khartoum Peace Mediators are threatening to punish the violators of the ceasefire agreement.

On Wednesday last week, President Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar signed the declaration of permanent ceasefire and security arrangements that came into effect 3 days later.

The principals also ordered their commanders to respect it, starting on July 1.

However, fighting has reportedly been continuing in some parts of the country, particularly in the former Unity State.

In a press statement issued on Monday night, the mediators led by the Sudanese foreign affairs minister – Aldirdiri Mohamed – warned of serious consequences should the ceasefire deal is not respected:

“We will not tolerate any violation from any party. If any kind of ceasefire violation happens, we will find out who is responsible and expose them to the world.”

Reacting to the threats, the deputy head of information committee for the SPLM-IO, Manawa Peter, referred to the statement as inappropriate.

“CTSAMM is the body that is responsible for monitoring ceasefire between the parties and not the Ministry of Foreign of Sudan,” he said.

From his part, the Minister of Cabinet Affairs and the acting Minister of Foreign Affairs – Dr. Martin Elia -welcomed the move:

“What we are waiting for is the modalities of implementing this permanent ceasefire and those who are violating it should be punish.”