23rd April 2021
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Tribute to the late Right Reverend Bishop Micah Laila Dawidi

Author : Koang Pal | Published: Wednesday, July 24, 2019

The Late Right Reverend Bishop Micah Laila Dawidi - CREDIT: Daniel Lasuba

By Daniel Lasuba

“Psalm 116:15 Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his faithful Servants”

Late Retired Bishop Micah Laila Dawidi of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan, Diocese of Terekeka who died in Juba on the 17th July 2019.Late Bishop Micah Laila was the champion of the Christian faith. The Late Bishop served God with complete humility. He was a dedicated servant who served the people of God in different capabilities and responsibilities within the ECSS.

He cared for the congregations at the Parishes where he served as the Pastor in charge before becoming a Bishop, he taught and disciple many and won many souls to the knowledge of Christ as their Lord and personal savior.

Late Bishop Micah Laila was a champion of Education. In Late 1980’s he served as the Principal and Head Master of Episcopal Church of Sudan Juba Model Primary school, where as a child I attended my kindergarten and primary education. Late Bishop Micah Laila had special attention to education as a key tool to ensure a better future for the children in our nation.

Through his leadership Late Bishop Micah instilled in us the importance of valuing education, he instilled in us the discipline to love and serve God. Many of who he taught today are responsible people in different fields of life, and still holding dearly the values of all the things he taught us.

Late Bishop Micah Laila was a champion of peace, human rights and love for South Sudanese. During the course of his service the Late. Bishop always stood for what is right. During the struggle, while he was the Assistant Bishop of the Diocese of Juba, Late. Bishop Micah stood for the fundamental rights of the people of South Sudan in the face of evil deeds perpetrated against them. He stood against oppression, persecution, and inequality the least among others to mention.

Late Bishop Micah Laila was a courageous leader who spoke the truth with love without fear or favor, he stood for what is right and just. Late Right Reverend Micah has been one of the leaders who had always advocated for peace and the unity of the people of South Sudan, where he always reminded people that true peace comes from God because Jesus said: “I am the Prince of Peace”.

Late Bishop Micah Laila was a man full of humility. Late Bishop was a person he loves engaging with people. He was easily accessible, I vividly remember as a young pupil at Juba model his office is always open for any pupil to take to him. He was a good listener and friendly to everybody regardless of their age group. Though I am too young to say this I think Late Bishop Micah was the true definition of a servant leader, he was a loving and a unifying figure.

As the nation and people from different works of life around the world condole with the family and the church; let’s remember that our Late Bishop, Father, and Leader is sleeping in the Lord and that we will meet again if we keep the faith. Let’s celebrate his life and ministry; Late Bishop Micah Laila was a special gift from God to the Episcopal Church of Sudan and South Sudan and to the Republic and the people of South Sudan.

“You will always be remembered for your legacy will remain forever in our hearts, may your soul rest in eternal peace”

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