28th February 2020
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Why FDs rep to IBC resigned

Authors: Nana Alfred Taban | Koang Pal Chang | Published: 8 months ago

Mrs. Nyenagwek Kuol Mareng, member of Independence Boundary Commission, also former minister of Information and Telecommunication in Warrap State

Personal interest is the motive that changed FDs’ position on the number of states, a former FDs representative to the Independent Boundaries Commission has revealed.

In a statement seen by Eye Radio, Nyenagwek Kuol Mareng, who was the minister of information in the defunct Warrap State, said she resigned from SPLM Leaders (FDs) because of the manner the group voted in the recent decision of the IBC has become an issue of interest.

“Surprisingly, little did I know that the personal interest by all means as one FDs leaders put it, has become the new driving motive and the SPLM leaders/FDs have secretly changed their position, not only on the number of the states in the IBC but also on the whole process of approaching a just and dignified resolution to the conflict in the Republic of South Sudan.” read the statement.

Earlier this year, Nyenagwek was appointed as the representative of the FDs in the IBC in which she participated until they concluded their activities on June 19, 2019.

The politician said the initial position of the FDs has been “returning to the 10 states prior to the infamous decree on states’ fragmentation”.

She defended their position until it gained popularity among the IBC members, leading the C5 members to vote in favor of the 10 states.

SPLM-IO, SSOA, and OPP dropped their positions and one representative from TGoNU was convinced by the logic behind the 10 states and joined in.

On the first of July, she was requested to write an explanation letter because “the manner of FDs vote in the recent decision of the IBC has become an issue of interest as well as a concern in many circles”

On July 9, she was served with multiple replacement letters from different assignments where she represented the FDs after a heated meeting on Monday, July 8th at Madam Rebecca de Mabior’s residence in Juba.

Speaking to Eye Radio on Monday, Nyenagwek said she decided to resign following the news of the change of political positions within the FDs.

“I felt like I had to do something, and that’s why I resigned because it looks like the principles are thrown away. And it looks like we are for our own interest,” said Nyenagwek.

She said some members of the FDs have criticized her for voting against the 32 States.

“Unfortunately, some members were not happy, they (FDs) said why I went ahead and voted for 10 states. They (FDs) don’t have any interest in 10 states, they (FDs) told me even if the government wants 100 states, I should go for it,” said the former state minister of information.

“I don’t feel any regret even though I got a lot of accusations. I got a lot of attacks from some of my members of FDs,” she added.

Nyenagwek said she will continue serving the country with what she calls “clear conscience and peace of mind”.

When Eye Radio contacted Deng Alor Kuol in Juba, and Madam Rebecca Nyadeng de Mabior in Nairobi by phone, to respond to the claim by Nyenagwek, the two declined to commence on the matter.

Concerning the issue of 10 states, the FDs have been publicly clear in supporting 10 states.

A press statement which was written by the FDs on 30th December 2015, expressed the group’s disappointment when president Kiir appointed governors for 28 states.

“We are disappointed and perturbed by the decision of President Salva Kiir Mayardit to proceed with the implementation of the Presidential Order No. 36/2015, despite pleas from many quarters and stakeholders to give peace a chance,” read the statement.

The statement which was signed by Deng Alor Kuol described the appointment of the governors for 28 states as a violation of peace agreement.

“By appointing governors for the 28 States decreed by Provisional Order contrary to stipulations of the Constitutional and contravention of ARCISS, a severe, though not necessarily mortal blow, was dealt to the process of return of our country to peace,” added Deng Alor in the statement.

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