23rd February 2019
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Yirol East to be split into counties

Author : Moses Legge | Published: 2 years ago

A committee tasked with investigating a dispute over the location of the headquarters of Yirol East County has recommended creation of more counties.

The Council of States had dispatched a three-member committee headed by Ismail Konyi on the 1st of September to the capital of Eastern Lakes State, Yirol.

The Committee looked into the disagreement on the county headquarters.

Sections of the communities in the county proposed different areas, including Malek, Alakic and Adior.

The committee recommended that these areas be established as independent counties.

“After conducting the meetings in various locations mentioned in the report the committee recommended the following: one, creation of another county for Gog Community of Malek Payam as requested by the chiefs and intellectuals and the elders of both communities,” James Magog Ater, the Deputy Chairperson of Political and Foreign Affairs Committee presented the report to the Council Business Committee.

“Two, Adior to remain a county headquarters for Yirol East County; and number three, Malek Payam deserves a county headquarters for it has some structures in place.”

The Chairperson of the Committee, Honorable Ismail Konyi, said the recommendations will be sent to the Presidency for final approval.