17th September 2019
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Boy who lost hand in Cairo said he was “forced to work”

Author: Alhadi Hawari | Published: 4 months ago

Manyiel Chol Manyiel, 13, is seen at home after undering treatment.

A 13 – year old South Sudanese refugee boy whose right hand was accidentally cut off in the shoe factory in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, says his employer forced him to operate the machine.

Manyiel Chol Manyiel said he had no knowledge of how to operate the machine, adding that he was forced to operate a shoe making machine after the operator, an Egyptian, disappeared from the workplace.

Manyiel was born in October 2005, is the third child in the family. He is just 13-years old.

He was just an ordinary cleaner at the factory. His job was to earn him money for school fees.

“They always force us to do it, because if we refuse the employer may likely kick us out of the job,” Manyiel said.

“That day they took us to work at the big machine and they know this machine can cut hands.”

The Egyptian police are said to have arrested the manager at the factory after he tried to run away.

The youngster was taken to an Egyptian hospital where he was treated. The UNHCR is reportedly footing his hospital bills.

The victim’s uncle, Mayom Chan Ring told Eye Radio from Cairo on Saturday that Manyiel condition is stabilizing.

“The health situation is good but he is still suffering psychologically because he cannot believe that he lost his hand,” Chan said.

He said their desire is to return to South Sudan.

He says UNHCR in Egypt is responsible for the treatment including medication and operation cost.

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