9th July 2020
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President Kiir issues measures to fight crime

Author : Obaj Shago | Published: Friday, December 16, 2016

President Salva Kiir has issued a number of directives to the National Police Service aimed at curbing robberies and criminal activities in the country.

The President says several crimes within urban centers are committed by criminals riding ‘boda-boda’ motorcycles, who often snatch people’s valuables.


He ordered the newly recruited police officers to adopt a policy of ‘shoot-to-kill’ of any criminal resisting arrest, and outlined additional measures that will ‘hopefully’ limit crimes committed mostly in urban centers.

In his remarks to over 800 new police graduates on Thursday at Juba Stadium, President Kiir’s first order to the police was to shoot down any one found snatching items from women, and speeding off on a ‘boda-boda’ motorcycles.

Police graduates at Juba Stadium Dec 16, 2016 Photo: Maal MakerPolice graduates at Juba Stadium Dec 16, 2016
Photo: Maal Maker

He said such crimes have increased in urban centers and have resulted into several fatalities.

“Earlier some of you were awarded for good shooting, so if there are such people, I am authorizing you to shoot those who snatch women’s handbags,” Kiir said.

“A lot of women have been killed on boda-boda for being dragged down on the tarmac road. So if you see such a criminal, shoot him in the head,” Kiir added.

Kiir promised a promotion to any officer who will implement the order ‘diligently’ on any “genuine” criminals.

“Any one who does so [diligently] among you… if you are captain or lieutenant, I can even make you a General,” Kiir further said.

President Kiir also directed the police to arrest anyone driving a numberless vehicle. He said such cars are used to conduct crimes.

New uniform

While addressing the parade, President Kiir noticed an officer wearing one of the several uniforms won by the police.


He immediately said police officers should cease from wearing the brown “chocolate chip” desert pattern uniform with shades of pink spots, because they are allegedly used by criminals posing as police officers.

“The old uniform of the police service that we graduated with during referendum, are outdated. That uniform is now being used by criminals to steal and rob from people. I will recall them and ban them from use, and we will get another different police uniform,” Kiir said.

In July 2013, the former Inspector of Police, General Pieng Deng said the police service would receive new single uniforms, and every officer issued with identification cards in order to distinguish them from criminals.

Alcohol abuse

In his concluding remark, President Salva Kiir cautioned security personal against reporting to work while drunk. He said it is unacceptable for an officer to work while under the influence of alcohol.

“Alcohol has its time…you should not just be waking wake up, wash your face and then ask; where is the alcohol? First, do your work until you finish, and when you are done and are off duty, you can even go a shower with the alcohol. Its up to you,” He concluded.

Many civilians in the country have for years observed both police and soldiers loitering while drunk in the residential areas. Most of ‘drunk’ officers carry guns and often engage in violent acts.

President Salva Kiir also encouraged the young officers not to engage in corrupt acts. He said the security sector is already tainted with allegations of corruption. Kiir told the officers that they “still had a clean slate” to start their new careers from.

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