24th May 2019
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At a refugee camp near Khartoum: suffering is a way of life.

Author : Nichola Mandil | Published: 6 years ago

South Sudanese, stranded in Khartoum, are complaining about the terrible conditions in the camps. Last month, at least five refugees at Takamul Weigh Station, outside of Khartoum, died from preventable diseases.

“Actually our situation is very bad indeed. Those who have died in the camp here are about five or six, they died natural death. One of them got infection and did not spent two days and he died. But the environment of the camp is good,” the chief in charge of the camp, Gabriel Khamis Dimo, told Eye Radio.

Chief Dimo also said that many South Sudanese youth in the camp have been taking drugs.

“We cannot deny that there is drug in the camp,” he said.  “The reality is that this drug comes from outside the camp. As the youth leader has said there are many young people who have no work, no studies and so on…automatically their behavior would change. If there are youth who use such drug, it is due to lack of job and vacuum in their life.”

Chief Dimo urged the Government of South Sudan and the international community to help transport stranded South Sudanese on the outskirts of Khartoum back to their homes.



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