16th February 2019
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S. Sudan among top three globally challenging states in 2016 – UN

Author : Junior Ali | Published: 2 years ago

South Sudan was among the top three countries that posed great humanitarian challenge for the international community this year, says the United Nations.

This is according to a report titled “UN Year in Review 2016,” produced by the UN Development Program. The other countries include Syria and Yemen.

The UN also described the year 2016 as ‘the hottest’ year on record.

The report notes that South Sudan, Syria and Yemen remain serious challenges on the international community’s agenda.

It says the UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki Moon, has called for unity among UN Member-States in order to resolve these and other conflicts around the world.

The report also pointed out the global challenge of worsening conflicts, escalating violence, and an increase in the number of refugees by five million world-wide despite efforts to resolve the situation.