23rd February 2019
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UK issues travel advisory against S. Sudan

Author : @er | Published: 7 months ago

UK flag

The UK government on Wednesday issued a travel advisory against South Sudan citing reports of fighting and criminality.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office advises all its citizens “to leave if it’s safe to do so”.

It said there’s no official government curfew in Juba, but the British Embassy and most international organizations observe a self-imposed curfew.

The government told its people that requests for consular assistance should be directed to the British High Commission in Nairobi in the first instance.

“You should be vigilant of the local security situation, monitor the local media, and stay in a safe location,” the advisory read.

The UK warned that further deterioration in the security situation remains a real possibility, and could be prompted by a number of factors including developments in the ongoing region-led peace process, and the fragile economy.

“In the event of a serious deterioration, similar to those of July 2016 and December 2013, routes in and out of South Sudan may be blocked, Juba airport may be closed or inaccessible, and flights may be suspended at short notice,” it added.

“The main road connecting Juba to Uganda is extremely dangerous, with regular reports of car crashes and attacks on vehicles by armed groups.”

“Terrorist attacks in South Sudan can’t be ruled out.”