26th October 2020
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Yambio hospital charges patients to access washrooms

Author: Charles Wote, Elshikh Chol | Published: Monday, April 6, 2020

Some residents of Yambio town say they are concerned after the administration of the state-run hospital introduced a policy that requires patients and visitors to pay money to access washrooms.
Since the establishment of Yambio State Hospital, the public washrooms at the hospital had been free for both patients and visitors.

However, the administration now reportedly charges 50 pounds for short call and 100 for the long call.

“This is something new, I had not heard such information at Yambio State hospital, one patient who spoke to Eye radio over the weekend complained.

“If you are going to urinate in the washroom, they will demand you to pay 50 pounds. If you are going to the toilet, you will pay 50 pounds too. And if you want to take a shower, they will ask you to pay 100.”

Another patient, who claimed she was forced to pay twice said: “I first went to the washroom that belongs to the maternity and a man came and collected all my clothes and told me that if you do not pay that money, you will not get out.”

“Now what are we going to do?” the woman wondered.

When Eye Radio contacted the administration of the state hospital, the director for administration and finance confirmed the introduction of the washroom fee.

However, Obadia Enoka said the hospital only charges between 10 and 50 pounds for maintenance of the hygiene facility.

“Definitely it is true but is not like what they have said, we have been trying to prevent ourselves as you know these patients nowadays defecate in every corner.  I have tried my best to tell them to use it responsibly, ” he defended.

He said the money collected will be used for buying soap for cleaning the facility.

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