20th September 2021
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19 SPLA soldiers arrested for misconduct to stand trial

Author : Emmanuel Akile | Published: Thursday, August 4, 2016

19 of its soldiers have been arrested and detained for looting and disobeying lawful orders, says the SPLA.

Last Month, the SPLA General Headquarters announced the establishment of a military court
martial to try soldiers accused of committing crimes during the recent fighting in Juba.

The SPLA Chief of General Staff also ordered soldiers to return to their barracks and promised to punish those accused of looting civilians’ properties and loitering on the streets of Juba.

Many residential areas and main markets of Custom and Jebel in Juba reported theft and armed robbery by men in uniform after the end of clashes with the SPLA-IO.

The SPLA spokesperson, brigadier, Lul Ruai Koang said the soldiers in custody of the military will be tried in court today.

“They are going to be tried at Giada which we call ground force [The General Headquarters],” he said, “some are being accused by SPLA and were arrested, especially the ones who are found still loitering, they were arrested for disobeying lawful orders.”

Last month, two soldiers were executed by firing squad in Wau town after being found guilty murdering civilians.

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