20th October 2020
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A state speaker resigns, citing gubernatorial abuse

Author: Garang Abraham | Published: Tuesday, January 21, 2020

The Speaker of Northern Liech State has resigned, citing corruption, nepotism and poor governance under the leadership of Governor Joseph Monytuil.

Simon Diu says since his appointment in 2016, the august house has never held sittings due to what he describes as inadequate funds to facilitate the assembly activities.

He accused Governor Monytuil of mismanagement of tax payers’ money and revenues, saying the governor diverts them to personal projects instead of delivering services to the citizens.

The former speaker also alleges that Monytuil appoints senior officials without the knowledge of assembly.

“The major issue is that the state legislative assembly is marginalized by Hon. Governor of Northern Liech because the assembly has been in recess for three years without operation,” Simon Diu told Eye Radio on Tuesday.

“Secondly, there is corruption in the state ministry of finance which is supported by Hon. Governor because.

“There is no any single fiscal budget that has been presented to the state legislative assembly since he was appointed.”

In response, David Gai, Northern Liech State information minister, said: “The former speaker of the legislative assembly was the second official in the state, how come corruption and lack of accountability occurred and he don’t question it?”

In a letter of resignation dated 20 January, Diu claimed that the governor used the state budget to build his businesses in Juba.

“He used public funds to build seven towers and [buy] 15 plots in Juba town alone,” he wrote.

He said the governor owns 14 vehicles; while the state legislative assembly has one vehicle only.

Corruption permeates all sectors of the economy in South Sudan and all levels of the state apparatus, and manifests itself through various forms, including grand corruption and clientelistic networks along tribal lines, according to reports.

The country’s judicial system is inefficient and is plagued by corruption and a culture of impunity.

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