21st January 2022
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Donald Booth on UN sanctions

Author : Nichola Mandil | Published: Thursday, March 26, 2015

The U.S Special Envoy for Sudan and South Sudan says possible U.N sanctions on South Sudan will only affect those who obstruct peace, but not everyone.

The UN Security Council approved a resolution this month to impose sanctions if the warring parties fail to reach a peace agreement. It was drafted by the United States.

The sanctions include asset freezes and travel bans on those obstructing peace. They may also include institutions such as government and militia groups.

‘Scare tactic’

At a press conference yesterday, US Envoy Donald Booth said the proposed sanctions are meant to put pressure on the warring.

“The Council did not foresee sanctions against South Sudan as a country, did not foresee sanctions against the South Sudanese people,” Amb Booth said.

“This frankly is a “scare tactic”. It is a way of trying to convince people that the interest of a few should remain paramount over the interest of the people of South Sudan.”

He said the U.S government wants to help South Sudan establish a credible mechanism for justice and accountability.

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