27th September 2021
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What the US should do for effective sanctioning of S. Sudan

Author : Junior Ali | Published: Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The American watchdog, Enough Project, has appealed to the US government to unite with other countries, to impose effective sanctions on individuals obstructing the peace agreement.

It called for the tightening and amending of the current sanctions to include measures that would allow for South Sudanese officials involved in public corruption to also be sanctioned.

In a statement, the Enough Project made a number of recommendations to the US government regarding corruption within the government of South Sudan, which it described as a ‘Kleptocratic system’.

They include supporting the South Sudanese government institutions that are designed to hold those in power accountable.

Alerting of all U.S. financial institutions to the risk of possible money laundering activity related to the laundering of the proceeds of corruption from South Sudan.

“Unless this violent kleptocratic system is addressed head-on by policymakers internationally,” the founding Director, John Prendergast, argues, “the billions of dollars spent annually for peacekeeping, humanitarian aid, and the ongoing diplomacy and assistance supporting the peace deal there will simply be treating symptoms, not addressing the primary root cause of cyclical conflict.

He also called for direct and coordinated senior-level diplomatic outreach to key banks moving corrupt South Sudanese assets.

The statement appeals to the US to ensure that the government agencies responsible for administering and enforcing targeted sanctions have sufficient resources and staff directed to pursue these cases.

Mr Prendergast said government institutions that are designed to hold those in power accountable must be supported, if the corruption and the ‘Kleptocratic system’ of governance in South Sudan have to be addressed head-on, by international lawmakers.

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