24th March 2019
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Gov’t & SPLM-IO negotiators “happy” with the KPA

Author : @er | Published: 9 months ago

The Khartoum Peace Agreement signed yesterday will simplify the resolution of other outstanding issues within the IGAD Bridging Proposal, said two officials representing the government and the SPLM-IO.

On Wednesday, President Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar endorsed the agreement on a permanent ceasefire which will come into effect in South Sudan on Friday.

The agreement was also signed by leaders and representatives of other political parties.

Delegates from the parties to the conflict are expected to continue with discussions on other transitional security arrangements and governance.

They are expected reach more compromises as the third face-to-face meeting between President Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar is expected in Nairobi.

“I’m optimistic that within this period, we will be in the position to take the final peace to our people in the Republic of South Sudan,” said Michael Makuei, the government spokesperson, adding that chances are high that the parties will sign the final peace agreement in the next two weeks.

“This peace is good. We are optimistic as a government that we will be in position that is required for peace and to reach an agreement that our people have been longing for.”

For his part, SPLM-IO’s Deputy Head of Information, Manawa Peter said the Khartoum agreement paves the way for the parties to attain a durable peace for South Sudan.

“We welcome the declaration of Khartoum peace agreement as a road map for achieving peace in South Sudan, and also to facilitate the efforts of IGAD in reaching a peaceful settlement to the conflict in South Sudan,” he said.

“The Khartoum Peace Agreement discussed one of the thorny issues which was hindering the peace talks between the government and SPLM-IO -especially on the declaration of cession of hostilities, permanent ceasefire and the security arrangements.”