9th April 2020
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Gubernatorial decree banning night clubs unconstitutional according to advocate

Author: Joakino Francis and Ayuen Panchol | Published: Monday, May 13, 2019

Advocate Ajak Mayol speaking to Eye Radio [Eye Radio photo| Joakino Francis]

An advocate says he is concerned by the recent gubernatorial decree banning nightlife in Juba.

On Saturday, the Governor of Jubek in an order banned night clubs and limited operating hours for bars, discotheques.

Augustino Jadalla also directed law enforcement agencies to ensure that any couple that want to stay in a hotel for a night must produce a marriage certificate.

He based his decision on what he called “takeaway” – that young girls are used as a takeaway at night, a metaphor for prostitution.

But lawyers say this order is illegal since it is not supported by any provision in the transitional constitution.

Advocate Ajak Mayol was speaking to Eye Radio.

“The constitution has specifically mentioned in the bill of right that all south Sudanese under article ten have the sanctity of right and freedoms. Choosing to be in the night club is your right is your freedom you have a personal liberty under article 12 to also choose how you should re-laid outside you cannot be deprived of something . It is like putting someone in prison when that person has not been found guilty by the law.”

Mayol went on to say that it is the responsibility of every parent to raise their children well.

“What I will tell the Governor and those who are thinking a like is that if you are concerned of your daughter or your son being to the club or going to a hotel and staying in a hotel I would ask you to take your responsibility as a parent. Take hold of your child know where your child is from morning till evening don’t let them go there.”

Members of the public have also criticized the orders, saying it is sharia and could render thousands of young people jobless.

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