23rd February 2019
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Kiir urged to intervene in the collapsing economy

Author : Koang Pal | Published: 4 years ago


The Chamber of Commerce has called on President Salva Kiir to intervene in the matters of the deteriorating economy of the country before it collapses.

The Secretary General of Chamber of Commerce, Simon Akuey said that government needs to come in to regulate the hard currency market.

Akuey said that falling rate of South Sudanese Pound is a national crisis that should not be ignored.

“The issue of the dollar is already a red line as people said the dollar now is 6.8, what about somebody who earn 300 Pounds, at the end of the day he will not be able to buy even one bag of sugar or one bag of maize flour. It’s shaking everyone. Those who are able to eat in this country feel this one, so it should not be a one institution issue, it should be collective responsibility.” He said.

The government, the minister of finance, the minister of commerce, even our cabinet or parliament, even the president need to come in because is not a single issue. It is an issue affecting the whole society of South Sudan.” He supplemented.

The public is raising concerns that the prices of commodities in the markets have doubled because the dollar is gaining against South Sudanese Pound in the black market rates.