23rd February 2019
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Mixed reactions over impeachment of WBGS speaker

Author : Junior Ali | Published: 4 years ago

MPs in Western Bahr al-Ghazal have expressed mixed reaction over impeachment of the speaker of the state assembly.

In a session on Tuesday, the lawmakers accused Andrea Mayar of administrative negligence.

“The Speaker is always absent from his duties,” said John Mario, an MP supporting the impeachment.

“And when he is absent he is not also authorizing the deputy speaker such that the deputy speaker can finish other activities.

“We have lots of work on the table of the clerk which is not done because the speaker is always absent.”

However, Honorable Peter Opio says the move was a violation of the assembly regulations.

“I can’t say this is an impeachment, I will call it a coup,” Hon Opio objected.

“The procedure that has happened is not the right procedure. So am saying it is not the right way a parliament should operate.”

New speaker elected

The state parliament this morning elected Hon Mario Nyibang as the new speaker.

More than half of the 43 MPs in the state assembly voted unanimously for Hon Nyibang.

27 MPs attended the sitting and they all voted for the new speaker.