25th September 2020
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S Sudanese child bullied into suicide in Canada

Author: Nana Alfred | Published: Friday, September 11, 2020

Abech Kon, 15 | Credit | Courtesy

 A Canadian-born South Sudanese teenage girl has reportedly taken her own life after allegedly being bullied in school.

Abech Kon, 15, was a student at St. Gabriel Archangel School in Chestermere, Canada.

According to news reports, her father, Angelo Kon said she had been bullied and targeted by a group of more than five girls for more than a year.

The family believes that she took her own life out of fear of returning back to school.

“We need to change the way we see bullying, the way we take bullying. Bullying I believe, is serious. Since my child Abech died because of bullying, it is serious,” he added.

Angelo stated that he went and met with the school administration last year November to report about the bullying and was later told that they suspended a student.

But according to the family, the bullying still continued.

Abech’s sister, Anok Kon said she wished if there was more preventative actions taken at the school level.

“I wish there was more action involved, I wish there was more counselling just watching her back every day. But for her I think what she would have done is forgive them,” Anok lamented.

According to CTV News, The Calgary Catholic School District wouldn’t confirm if it or the school had previous information of any bullying, or if punitive steps were taken.

“Due to privacy concerns we are unable to comment on any specific situation,” CCSD officials said in a statement.

Abech was meant to start Grade 11 this week.

Her family feels overwhelmed and hopes changes are made to the way bullying cases are handled.

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