26th October 2020
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Sadig al-Mahdi suggests establishment of ‘Wise people commission’

Author : Nichola Mandil | Published: Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sadiq al-Mahdi speaks to Eye Radio at his home in Omdurman - Aug 2013

The former Prime Minister of the Sudan has proposed formation of what he calls “Wise People’s Commission” to strengthen cooperation between South Sudan and Sudan.

In an exclusive interview with Eye Radio in Khartoum, Imam Sadig al-Mahdi, said the commission will form a national people’s arbitration.

“This wise people’s commission should be formed in the following way that Khartoum nominates 18 wise people from whom Juba chooses six,” he explains.

“Juba nominates 18 wise people from whom Khartoum chooses six.

“The 12 from Khartoum and Juba, we think, should form a wise people’s commission.

“This wise people’s commission should be commissioned to discuss and arbitrate on all the points that cannot be reached immediately in the agreement because of the complexity of the situation, because we know that any other type of the arbitration, will find it difficult to reach an agreement.”

Sadig al-Mahdi, who is also the leader of the leading Sudanese opposition political party, the Umma party, said the 12 wise people will constitute a forum for resolving all intractable problems.

“As you know now we have got the nine agreements (the Cooperation Agreements), the nine agreements concerning security, concerning citizenship, concerning oil, concerning trade.

“All these matters should be implemented. However, I know that there are some problems, which would prove intractable—they cannot be resolved today even if the two sides are prepared to agree, they may not be able to agree.

“All problems that cannot be resolved now should not be allowed to cause war, should not be allowed to hinder the implementation of the agreed points.”

Sadig al-Mahdi added that his, the Umma National party is aspiring for peace and is against any war and conflict between Sudan and South Sudan.

Sadiq al-Mahdi, 78, was Prime Minister of Sudan on two occasions: first briefly in 1966-67, and second from 1986 until his ousting on 30 June 1989.


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