16th February 2019
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More states could be created – FVP

Author : Emmanuel Akile | Published: 2 years ago

First Vice President Taban Deng Gai has said that more states could be created if they will bring peace among the communities.

Mr Taban said there are many communities who have gone to his office to express their demand for their separate states.

These include some in Raja, Tonj, Beili, Bentiu, Jonglei and Malakal.

Mr Taban said the total number of more states the different communities have requested for during a series of meetings with him can reach 14.

The First Vice President said he would hold a meeting as soon as possible with President Salva Kiir and the Vice Prsidenet, James Wani Igga to address the matter.

Mr Taban was speaking at a meeting of clergies in Juba this afternoon.

“I have finished with my work, I’m waiting for the president to return and when he comes we will discuss it. Because the sooner we resolved this issue of sates is better, it will actually cement our peace,” Mr Taban said.

“So you see this issue of more states of course it is a problem regarding the current economic situation in our country, but what is important is peace. If it can bring us peace, give them their states,” he said.

“For example Baria and Lotio with their brothers in Terekeka, I think they are now living in peace, they have now settled. If this can bring peace, give the people what they want, but they must work, they must go and develop that area which they want to be their state.”

The new states being requested for would be in addition to the 28 created in October 2015.