26th September 2020
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Tonj arrests eight for violence over county name

Author: Charles Wote, Woja Emmanuel | Published: Thursday, December 26, 2019

Authorities in Tonj state say two more suspects have been arrested in connection with the recent violence that left 9 people dead and 11 others wounded over the naming of a county.  

On December 11, violence erupted between groups of Moch and Panarik when a team sent by the state governor accompanied the commissioner of the newly created Alabe County to the area.

Some Lou community affiliates reportedly rejected the Alabe name, demanding the name be changed to Lou County, sparking violence between Moch and Panarik sub-clans.

Last week, Tonj state authorities said it arrested 6 chiefs accused of spearheading the communal violence, but the number has increased to eight after two more people were arrested.

“The number has so far increased and we have arrested 8 suspects, we are still pursuing other suspects who are accused of being inciters of the recent conflict,” William Wol, the state information minister said.

“Currently the security apparatus is still searching for whoever is accused for inciting people in Lou community.”

According to the state information minister, the situation is now normal.

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