8th April 2020
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Wau vows to fight juvenile gangs

Authors: | Deng Dimo | Published: Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Police in Wau town has vowed to apprehend gang members locally referred to as “Niggas” in the area.

The police commissioner attributed crimes related to theft, armed robbery and growing street fights to juvenile gang groups.

Maj.-Gen. Samuel Ajuong said law enforcement agencies are still devising plans on how to carry out the operation against gang-related crimes in Wau.

“These ‘Niggas’ attack people on the streets, grabs their properties and sometimes even kill people,” he told Eye Radio in Wau on Monday.

He blamed parents for allowing their children to associate with groups that are a menace to society.

“If we don’t address this issue carefully, we will not know how the future of this state will look like,” Maj.-Gen. Samuel Ajuong stressed.

“There is no excuse, whatsoever; if we find your child behaving like those Niggas, we will not leave him or her.”

Law enforcement agencies have reported a rise in urban crime associated with young people.

The minors are notorious for robbery with violence and terrorizing the neighborhoods.

They say, children as young as 13, are involved in stealing items such as phones, laptops, and ladies’ handbags.

Gang groups also engage in street fights using crude weapons such as knives, machetes and sometimes pistols.

Several arrests have been made in Juba, Nzara, Torit, Kapoeta, and Yambio.

Past reports showed that more children are running away from their homes due to poor parenting and economic crisis which has made some parents unable to cater to their needs.

Legislators have expressed fear that – if not addressed – groups such as Toronto Boys and DMX in Juba will continue to pose security threats and increase incidents of gender-based violence.

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