23rd February 2019
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Communities near oil fields feel abandoned by gov’t

Author : @er | Published: 7 months ago

Waste from oil fileds

Communities living near the oil producing areas have accused the government of doing little to address the oil pollution.

According to the Petroleum Act of 2012, petroleum activities shall be conducted in a manner that ensures a high level of health and safety is achieved, maintained and further developed.

It stipulates that this must be done in accordance with technological developments, best international practice and applicable law on health, safety and labor.

Representatives of the communities in Paloch in Norther Upper Nile and Koch in Southern Liech say the pollution is getting worse, with residents suffering from unknown conditions.

“Most of people who are staying within the areas have been affected so much, even for a woman to give birth is difficult. Many people have been sick with unknown diseases,” said Simon Nyok.

But a recent research conducted by a German human rights organization suggests that samples from the areas around the oil fields were full of lead and barium.

On Friday, the Sign of Hope tweeted that the Mercedes sponsor – Petronas – has polluted the water of 600,000 people in areas around the oilfields.

“No measures have been taken up to now in order to rescue the current existing situation and the risk community is actually facing,” stressed Ayar Deng.

Eye Radio has been unable to get hold of the relevant authorities for comment on the reported pollution.