23rd February 2019
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FIFA offers SSFA nearly $1m

Author: Elshiek Chol | Published: 4 weeks ago

Members of SSFA during release of fixtures | photo | SSFA

The international football governing body – FIFA  confirmed it has given nearly one million dollars to South Sudan Football Association to run its activities.

According FIFA  official,George Veron, the 800,000 USD,  an equivalent of roughly 212 million South Sudanese pounds, was released last week.

It will be used for organizing tournaments and other SSFA activities across the country this year.

“Of course they have already received the money in January.  FIFA send them [SSFA] about 800,000 USD for its functioning and organizing competition,” Mr Veron said.

The cash transfer is the first in three years since FIFA suspended funding the association in 2015 over internal dispute.