23rd February 2019
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Gov’t criticizes Entebbe Proposal opposers

Author : @er | Published: 8 months ago

The government spokesman has criticized the other opposition parties for rejecting the Entebbe proposal.

Over the weekend, President Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar have agreed in principle to the Entebbe proposal.

The proposal which was mediated by Presidents Yoweri Museveni and Omar Bashir states that Kiir will maintain his seat and Dr. Riek Machar will resume his office as the First Vice President.

It also maintains Taban Deng and Dr. James Wani Igga as the Vice Presidents, with another Vice President from the other opposition groups but should be a woman.

But some delegates to the peace talks in Khartoum have disagreed with the move, saying the position for the second vice president should be allocated to the opposition alliance:

The spokesman of the SPLM-IO, Manawa Peter Gatkuoth confirmed to Eye Radio that the armed opposition has rejected Entebbe proposal.

“We reject the proposal. We’re saying no. Let’s go to the agreement is talking about the presidency – president for the government, the first vice president from IO and the second vice president for the South Sudan Opposition Alliance. Number 2; we are talking about a lean government.”

However, Information Minister Michael Makuei said the proposal will be implemented with or without those opposing it.

“The fact that some of them [other oppositions] came here and they have now decided to renege and say that they will not recognize or they don’t accept, that is not true; this is not acceptable,” he said.