16th February 2019
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Gov’t disappointed by final power-sharing proposal

Author : @er | Published: 7 months ago

The government has expressed disappointment over the final draft of the power-sharing deal presented to them by mediators in Khartoum.

The draft proposal provides for an additional post of the Vice President summing up to five.

In the draft deal, the number of ministries will be reduced from 45 to 35, with the government taking 20 posts, the SPLM/A-IO taking 10 and the remaining 7 will be shared among the Former Detainees and the South Sudan Opposition Alliance.

There will be 550 members of the Transitional National Legislative with the government getting 55% and 45% will be divided among all the other political parties and opposition groups.

The proposal also increases the seats at the Council of States from 30 to 50 with the government taking 55% and 45% divided among the other groups.

“If we are the government on the ground, there is no way of equating us with the opposition completely,” said Michael Makuei, the Minister of Information.

“People are trying to build people who have no presence on the ground; people who are not effective on the ground.”

Meanwhile, Peter Mayen, the leader of Umbrella, a coalition of opposition political parties, said they are “disappointed” with the government’s position especially at a time when “we are actually finishing the final touches in order to bring peace”.

However, the Chief Mediator of the talks says that all different parties have agreed on this final draft.

Dr Aldirdiri Mohamed said they are likely to sign it on Tuesday.

“Also tomorrow (Monday) we will announce the comprehensive peace through this agreement,” he said.