20th September 2021
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Gov’t to target fresh graduates in new recruitment policy

Authors: Jale Richgard | Woja Emmanuel | Published: Saturday, June 19, 2021

President Kiir said the concerned government ministries will ensure a new recruitment policy favoring young graduates is implemented.Photo: Nikion Losukwa/facebook.

President Salva Kiir has said the government will develop a merit-based employment policy to target fresh graduates.

He remarked while officiating the 23rd graduation ceremony at the University of Juba on Saturday.

The public sector has reportedly been marred by employees with fake academic credentials from various universities in the region.

Early this month, the government resolved to prosecute employees in government institutions in possession of forged academic documents.

This was after a report presented by the Education Ministry indicates that more than 400 hundred fake certificates ranging from diplomas, degrees, and even PhDs forged academic credentials are circulating in public institutions.

The government blamed the poor performances in public offices on the presence of the forged documents in the hands of some of the employees.

Speaking during a graduation ceremony, President Kiir said the concerned government ministries will ensure a new recruitment policy favoring young graduates is implemented.

“Regarding employment in the public sector, the government will consider merit-based recruitment policy,” Kiir said.

“This policy will target young graduates from our universities for employment in the public sector. We will work with concerned ministries to ensure that they develop recruitment policies that reflect this direction.”

The president also advised the graduates to use their network to build social cohesion across the country.

“You came to the University from different parts and communities of South Sudan. The social relations you built while studying are necessary building blocks for regional and communal co-existence. Please keep and cherish them and even take them with you as you move out to the wider social setting,” he urged.

At least 1,756 students from different colleges and faculties at the University of Juba graduated on Saturday.

Among them are 1,452 males and 304 females from different schools.

This is the first graduation at the public university since the country was hit by the Covid-19 pandemic last year.

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