25th March 2019
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Jonglei, Buma agree to form community policing force

Author : Achiek Jok | Published: 3 years ago

Buma and Jonglei officials have resolved to form a joint community policing that would monitor peace process and prevent cattle raiding and child abduction.

These were some of the resolutions the two states arrived at during the Anyidi Peace Conference which ended this week.

According to officials, inter-communal violence caused by cattle rustling and child abduction have created mistrust among the Murle, Dinka and Nuer communities in the region.

This week, the two state governments agreed to establish a joint community policing which will be comprised of 1,500 police personnel.

“The 1,500 policemen should be trained and equipped to stabilize our region so that we have development,” Philip Aguer Panyang, Governor of Jonglei said.

For his part, Buma state Governor Baba Medan stressed the need for good neighborliness.

“Peace means development,; peace means unity; peace means love. So if you were fighting because all of you were in one state, now we have two states; there is Buma state and there is Jonglei state. Why are you still fighting,” said Governor Medan.

“Why are you taking children: why are you taking the cattle? Why?”