27th January 2021
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Leave the hotels, go home, MP tells peace delegates

Author: Alhadi Hawari | Published: Saturday, January 9, 2021

Chairperson of the Information Committee, Hon. Paul Yoane on May 14, 2019 speaking to Eye Radio [Photo| Eye Radio| Joakino Francis]

A member of parliament has asked peace delegates stuck in Juba hotels since 2019 to leave and go to their homes.

On Wednesday, some hotel owners wrote a public letter to the chairperson of National Transitional Committee over the accommodation of over 300 peace delegates since 2019.

The hotel owners have been threatening to evict government officials if they don’t get their money of about $10 million accumulated bills.

One apartment in Juba even locked some delegates in their rooms on Wednesday.

Some companies also said they delivered food and non-food consignments to soldiers at the cantonment areas, but have not been paid.

The Chairperson of the Information Committee at the yet-to-be-reconstituted Transitional National Legislative Assembly says the 10 million US dollars can be used for providing essential services to citizens.

“As members of parliament we are very much concerned about the taxpayers’ money because 10 million USD is not a small amount,” Paul Yoane Bonju told Eye Radio on Friday.

“For my colleagues the honorable members, I believe if they have houses let them please leave the hotels, let them go to their houses. If they don’t have houses, I’m sure they have relatives. Go and stay with your brothers and sisters.”

He added: “Leave the money to be put for either water or education instead of us really injecting this 10 million dollars into the hands of our foreigners and we don’t know what they are doing with this money.”

The public and civil society groups have accused the delegates of unnecessarily spending public funds on luxury, their bodyguards, family members, and friends, at the expense of delivering services.

“I am very much concerned and I’m talking from the button of my heart that this amount of money is big because we are talking about 2019 – 2020 just a matter of one year 10 Million it’s very sad,” MP Yoane added.

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