17th January 2021
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Man sexually assaults child on her 4th birthday

Author: Okot Emmanuel | Published: Monday, July 6, 2020

An aerial view of Juba | Credit | Unknown

A 37-year old man has reportedly sexually assaulted a four-year-old girl on her birthday at Gudele’s area of Juba at the weekend.

The man, identified as John Sebit Matayo, allegedly took the little girl into a room and desecrated her.

This happened while women were gathered outside the house to celebrate her birthday on Saturday evening.

Matayo came to visit his uncle at Kugi residential area, according to the baby’s father.

He is accused of defiling the child.

Defilement is any sexual intercourse with a child under the age of 18 years old, whether or not the child consents.

“The day my daughter was sexually attacked was the day she turned four. The women gathered to celebrate my daughter’s birthday,” the father narrated the incident to Eye Radio.

“The incident happened when I was at New Site and my wife was at home. My daughter was sleeping and the women were eating…and as they were eating my daughter wake up and she was crying.”

He said the accused pretended to be “consoling my daughter to stop crying”.

“And immediately, he took her into a room without the consent of the women who were eating outside,” he explained.

“The women thought this was a known person and that’s when he took the little girl inside a room and molested her.”

Over the past months, Eye Radio has reported disturbing stories of women and girls being gang-raped by men with guns in Gudele, Jenderu, Gurei, and Rock City in the capital Juba.

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