2nd April 2020
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MPs want reconstitution of the new parliament delayed

Author: Emmanuel Akile | Published: Friday, March 20, 2020

MPs and Delegates seated at the TNLA on May 14, 2019

Some parliamentarians have suggested that the reconstitution of the new parliament should be delayed for weeks due to coronavirus fears, the chairperson of the information committee at the parliament has said.

According to the revitalized peace agreement, the Transitional National Legislative Assembly shall be expanded from 400 to 550 members.

During the reconstitution of the parliament, the peace accord stipulates that the then incumbent government shall have 332 members, SPLM-IO with 128, members and South Sudan Opposition Alliance, or SSOA, with 50 members.

The Other Political Parties, OPP shall have 30 representatives and the Former Detainees with 10.

The reconstituted TNLA shall, in the conduct of its business, support the revitalized peace agreement and enact legislation that enables and assists the transitional processes and reforms described in the new peace accord.

The executive has already been established.

But up to now, the transitional national legislature is yet to be reconstituted.

According to some civil society activists and political analysts, the current parliament is operating illegally.

But Paul Yoane, the chairperson of the information committee at the parliament, says due to fears of coronavirus, the reconstitution of the parliament should be delayed.

He explains why MPs want the reconstitution of the parliament should be delayed for two weeks.

“They [MPs] are for the opinion that okay why can you maybe delay it for some weeks then you reconstitute the parliament,” said the chairperson of the information committee at the parliament.

“We are supposed to be reconstituted as a new TNLA but with this coronavirus, if you reconstitute this parliament from 400 to 550 [MPs] you put them together, I think the first guest will be the coronavirus to visit them.”

“You have reported it, it is there in Kenya, it is there in Sudan so let God forbids if it happens to South Sudan and then this number 550 is put together, what do you think, I think Corona will visit them.”

“The point is let us avoid the congestion, we are saying the coming of the people together, we should avoid it as much as possible.”

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